MindMup is a productivity app that allows you to easily and quickly create mind maps, which will help you organize your thoughts or projects. It’s a visual form of outlining ideas—great for visual learners or people who have trouble keeping their ideas in order.


  • MindMup offers a limited free version. With the free version, you can create an unlimited number of maps and save maps that are up to 100 KB to MindMup storage for up to six months.

  • MindMup also offers the Gold Subscription for $2.99 per month. The Gold Subscription offers an unlimited number of maps that can be saved and exported even if they are over 100 KB.

How to Sign up for the Application/Tool


MindMup Best Use

  • MindMup can best be used to organize ideas in a hierarchical fashion.

Service Notes

  • With the free version, you cannot collaborate or share your mind maps. Maps will only publish to MindMup for six months. You can only directly save maps that are under 100KB.


APU can remove access to this tool at any time without prior notice if IMT determines that the continued use of MindMup poses a significant risk to the safety and privacy of university and student data.