MailChimp is designed to be an email marketing tool that allows its customers to have subscriber profiles, automate, and personalize their marketing efforts. In the context of APU, it can be a useful tool for those that want to promote their events or share important information in an attractive format while providing functionality such as hyperlinks. Please review University Relations Email Guidelines page which also includes a sample. If you need to do an email marketing campaign please contact University Relations.

How to Sign up for Mailchimp

  • Visit

  • Create an account. NOTE: Mailchimp does not use Google authentication. You should use your email as the address but do not use your APU password.

  • By clicking on the “Create My Account” button you are agreeing to the Anti-spam policy. If you are not sure what those are, read the information provided.


For the promoted use, MailChimp is free to use. The paid services are for the email marketing tools are not appropriate for our purposes. Email marketing campaigns must go through University Relations.

How to Learn More about MailChimp

Best Practices

  • Please review University Relations Email Guidelines page which also includes a sample.

  • Use the Template option in MailChimp to create your email with appropriate graphics, text, and hyperlinks.

    • People are busy. Strive to keep emails short and to the point.

    • Limit the Graphics - Make sure graphics add to your message.

    • Date and Time in a sentence makes adding your event to a calendar simple.

  • Once you believe you have your email with the proper information and the way you would like it to look, use the Preview and Test option and send a test copy to yourself.

    • Once you receive the email you will probably need to click the hyperlink “Display Images” to view

    • It is always a good idea to have someone else proofread your email.

  • When you are ready to send the email it is recommended to forwarded from your Gmail account to APU News.

    • Be sure to Edit the Subject to remove the “FW:” Subjects should give the reader a good idea of what the email is about.

    • Remove any autosignature and text that is normally part of a forwarded message.

    • Use BCC when sending to APU News. This prevents people from accidentally doing a Reply All.

Service Notes

  • This tool is to be used to format and create emails that are sent out to internal APU mailing lists.

  • Internet connection is required to use this tool.

  • Premium features, although available, should not be purchased for this tool.


APU can remove access to this tool at any time without prior notice if IMT determines that the continued use of MailChimp poses a significant risk to the safety and privacy of university and student data.

The use of MailChimp should follow the policy set forth in the Acceptable Use Policy.