Emma is an email marketing tool that allows you to design beautiful emails that draw in your audience, as well as allowing you to keep track of open, view, click, and share rates.


  • Drag and drop feature for generating emails

  • Converts customer data into automated email

  • Helps segment lists

  • Allows you to deliver unique content to each subscriber

  • A/B Content Testing


  • Emma costs $90-$230/monthly. The price varies depending on which of the plans you choose.

How to Sign up for the Application/Tool

  • Sign up for Emma here.


Best Practices for Emma

  • Emma can be most effectively used by APU for organizations on campus to format emails and gauge the effectiveness of their email marketing.


APU can remove access to this tool at any time without prior notice if IMT determines that the continued use of Emma poses a significant risk to the safety and privacy of university and student data.