Description of Service

HelloSign is an e-signature service that enables documents and simple forms to be signed electronically, bypassing the need for printing documents or forms to sign traditionally. Signed documents can be retrieved in your email, Google Drive or through the HelloSign user interface.

Use Cases:

  • Electronic signing of documents hosted on campus websites that require signatures for submission

  • Sending unique signature requests to specific users (including multiple users in an orderedrouting)

  • Electronically signing your own documents prior to sending to someone else


  • Receive signed documents from your department’s patrons quicker and easier than traditional paper

  • Decrease campus-wide document processing time and maintain documents in electronic form for the entire document lifecycle

  • Cost savings – paper, ink, postage / or interoffice mail labor, scanning, time

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  • Faculty

  • Staff

This service is ideal for departments on campus seeking a more effective way to request and receive signed documents. The majority of documents across the university are manually filled out or may be typed in, only to be printed for handwritten signature(s). Other key areas that can benefit are board(s), committee(s), and departments.

Integration with archival services provided by IMT Productivity Solutions is available and encouraged for documents requiring storage in the university document repository (Ark).

Requesting Service

If you are interested in this service:

1. Talk to your department admin, as they may already have a Hellosign account that can send out an unlimited number of documents for signature.

2. You can also simply sign in with your APU Google account or use the Google Docs Add-In to send out three documents for signature a month without any special set up.

If you have a need greater than this please contact support@apu.edu or call x5050. A member from the IMT Productivity Solutions team will contact you to discuss your Hellosign needs in more detail.

Help for Service

Please fill out and submit a Ticket for IMT Productivity Solutions, email support@apu.edu or call x5050 for assistance. A member from the IMT Productivity Solutions team will contact you for to provide assistance.

Customer Responsibilities

HelloSign is a service funded by IMT and available at no cost to the departments. Limitations to this funding may apply and will be explained in the discussion of the service. Content stored and managed using this application are subject to the university’s policies regarding records management, where applicable.

Service Level Agreement*

Document Solutions provides consulting for document standardization and effective business processes, in order to help departments successfully transition from paper to electronic document processing. Document Solutions will provide the necessary training to to all departments using HelloSign.

The department contact will be the sole owner of their account and the documents processed through HelloSign. This includes the creation and modification of documents. The department acknowledges that HelloSign is an e-signature tool and not a forms creation and management tool.

*Note: This is generic SLA information and will be tailored to individual department usage as needed.

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