Description of Service

HelloFax is a service enabling users to send and receive faxes electronically; bypassing the need for a traditional fax line. Faxes can be retrieved in their email, Google Drive or through the HelloFax user interface.

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  • Faculty

  • Staff

This service is ideal for areas on campus that send or receive large fax volumes, have a greater need for security of sensitive content sent via fax, or need to improve accessibility when teams are on different parts of campus.

Integration with archival services provided by IMT Productivity Solutions is available and encouraged for documents requiring storage in the university’s document repository (Ark).

Requesting Service

Please contact support@apu.edu or call x5050, if you are interested in this service. A member from the IMT Productivity Solutions team will contact you to discuss your fax situation in more detail.

Help for Service

Please fill out and submit a Ticket for IMT Productivity Solutions, email support@apu.edu or call x5050 for assistance. A member from the IMT Productivity Solutions team will contact you for to provide assistance.

Customer Responsibilities

HelloFax is a paid service. Departments are responsible for supplying their own credit card information and reconciling their own invoices on a monthly basis. Content stored and managed using this application are subject to the university’s policies regarding records management, where applicable.

Service Level Agreement*

IMT Productivity Solutions - Role and Responsibilities

    • Implement the initial installation and configuration of the HelloFax application. This includes the porting of fax numbers from existing fax machines.

    • Create and configure business processes and Google Drive shared folders for document workflow between department and Document Solutions, if applicable.

    • Train designated department staff as process owners and propose Google Drive shared folder workflow. Partnership with IMT Training will be available, as needed.

    • Provide support to the primary department fax coordinator.

Department - Role and Responsibilities

    • Primary department fax coordinator will route incoming electronic documents to the appropriate shared Google folder (either directly to IMT Productivity Solutions or the appropriate shared department folder) to initiate workflow.

    • Primary fax coordinator will provide initial, internal workflow troubleshooting for Google Drive. Any technical issues for the HelloFax application will be escalated to IMT Productivity Solutions for resolution.

    • Designated department staff will secure appropriate Google Drive / Apps training to be able to sustain any proposed workflow models, if applicable.

    • Department will maintain monthly billing directly between them and HelloFax and monitor incoming volume for any service plan adjustments (escalate to Productivity Solutions if needed). Also, department will reconcile invoices with Accounts Payable directly.

    • Department acknowledges that the HelloFax application is limited to their use only under their Memorandum of Understanding

*Note: This is generic SLA information and will be tailored to individual department usage as needed.

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