Description of Service

ARK is the online University Repository, where documents for various departments on campus are stored. From student files and forms to vendor payments, documents are stored in electronic format for easy and secure retrieval and sharing of digital documents. Documents are loaded into ARK either by scanning physical documents or through digital avenues by IMT Productivity Solutions. IMT Productivity Solutions also delivers advice and services to meet department needs related to document workflow and collaboration.

Benefits of Our Services:

  • Quick and secure online access to documents.

  • Reinforced security due to user permission levels.

  • Ease of team collaboration on department documents.

  • 24/7 access to your department’s stored documents

You may request by

  1. Completing and submitting this Ticket for IMT Productivity Solutions,

  2. Emailing (reference IMT Productivity Solutions in the subject line)

  3. Calling IMT Productivity Solutions at x4650

A member of the IMT Productivity Solutions team will respond to your inquiry through any of the these methods.


  • Faculty

  • Staff

Customer Responsibilities

Customer responsibilities are dependent on the service/solution provided and may vary.

Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreements are customized to the service/solution provided and may vary.

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