Pay for Print

Description of Service

The Pay-for-Print system allows the community to print, scan, and copy documents for a minimal fee at any of the 8 Pay-for-Print stations located in the Marshburn, Darling, Stamps libraries, and Monrovia Site as well as the Cougar Dome.

Link to Service

For information about the current services and pricing please, visit the Student Printing at APU support article (OLD NAME Printing in the Library Labs support article)


  • Faculty

  • Staff

  • Students

  • Prospective Students

  • Alumni

  • Guests

Help for Service

IMT Student Technicians are available during service hours in the Marshburn, Darling, and Stamps libraries to assist you with any of the Pay-for-Print services.

You may also visit or call the IMT Support Center at 626-815-5050 for assistance.

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