Virtual Private Network VPN

Description of Service

The VPN, or Virtual Private Network, service allows a user to establish a secure connection to the APU campus network from their laptop or other computer without being physically located on campus. Using VPN client software and a reliable internet connection, a user can work away from campus, as if they were connected to the network on campus. This secure connection allows access to APU network resources such as, file shares or internal database applications.

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  • Faculty

  • Staff

Requesting Service

Any APU Faculty or Staff member with an APU Net ID may request the service through the IMT Support Desk. Contact the IMT Support Desk at or (626) 815-5050.

Help for Service

Installation instructions for the VPN Client for Windows and Mac computers.

Customer Responsibilities

VPN connections work best when using a reliable connection to the internet. Unreliable internet services will result in a poor user experience.

Internet Use

APU Network Account

Data Security


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