Phone Directory

Description of Service

The phone directory contains a list of alphabetically sorted names and associated phone extensions for APU faculty and staff. This is an exhaustive phone list of those faculty and staff who have an APU phone configured at their worksite. This list is provided in a convenient PDF format for quick viewing and/or printing.

Link to Service

The directory is currently available in Community Folders called APU Phone List. As a tertiary service, you may also access staff and faculty members extension through the directory in your Gmail.

For more information please view the help article: Accessing APU Phone Directory from Gmail


  • Faculty

  • Staff

Requesting Service

For changes in extensions or display names please submit a work order with the IMT Support Center . Contact the IMT Support Center at or (626) 815-5050.

Help for Service

For assistance using this service, contact the IMT Support Center at or (626) 815-5050.

Customer Responsibilities

Please notify the IMT Support Center for name changes or extension number changes.