Call Center

Description of Service

The Call Center Service provides a means of distributing incoming phone calls across multiple people. When a phone call is made to a specific phone number, the call is placed into a queue and can be answered by a team of people or routed to a specialist. Examples of this include the Support Center and One Stop call centers.

This allows calls to be answered in an efficient and timely manner for the best customer service. The Call Center System includes an initial interactive voice response menu that allows callers to provide feedback to recorded voice prompts. Those calls are then routed to the most appropriate agent queue. This allows service providers to assist callers with pertinent information about related services.


  • Faculty

  • Staff

Requesting Service

Implementing a Call Center Service is a project-level work effort requiring appropriate planning with IMT Engineering and the requesting department. Please contact the IMT Support Center for more information.

Help for Service

Call Centers are deployed and supported by the Network and Telephony Product Teams in IMT Engineering.

Customer Responsibilities

In order to deploy the most effective Call Center, the customer will need to provide the general goals to be met by the Call Center Service and work with IMT Engineering to design an appropriate call flow, voice prompts played for the caller, and scheduling for any after-hours or closed greetings. Verbiage and recording of the voice prompts and greetings are also the responsibility of the customer.