Network and Phones

The APU Wireless System is made up of three wireless networks. Each network will provide the best experience for each device type

University Village Wireless

Internet service in University Village is provided by Frontier (FiberOptic) at no charge to the residents in the unit.

Provided across campus and at Regional Campus sites within most areas, including classrooms, faculty and staff offices, libraries, auditoriums, point-of-sale stations, and some common areas.

The Call Center Service provides a means of distributing incoming phone calls across multiple people.

IMT provides connection to the Internet via one of our wireless networks and through wired ports.

Network jacks are provided in office areas and labs as part of building infrastructure.

The phone directory contains a list of alphabetically sorted names and associated phone extensions for APU faculty and staff.

IMT coordinates radio rentals for university sponsored events with an external vendor.

Call Xpress is a voice messaging system that allows you to communicate by telephone.

Allows a user to establish a secure connection to the APU campus network from their laptop or other computer without being physically located on campus

IMT maintains and coordinates the telephone devices and telephone line information for each extension on all the Azusa Pacific University campus's.

IMT provides multi-function devices that include fax capabilities.