Lecture Capture

Description of Service

IMT Media Services offers Lecture Capture services upon request. There are three types of services:

  1. Self-service using checkout equipment

  2. Self-service using installed equipment

  3. Professional video production service

For self-service using checkout equipment, customers can checkout a high-definition digital camcorder from the Support Desk, along with other accessories, such as tripods & audio recorders. Customers receive training at the time of pickup and operate the camcorder and any other equipment on their own during their event. All files are recorded to an SD card, from which the customer may transfer the files after recording.

For the self-service using installed equipment, customers may use recording systems built in to certain rooms around campus, such as Wilden 111, Wilden Observation Rooms, and the Video Recording Studio located in Marshburn Library. Capabilities and procedures differ per site.

The professional service option includes the equipment and IMT staffing to professionally record video and audio of your lecture, along with video editing services. We will use professional grade equipment and trained production technicians. You can request your lecture to be posted on iTunes University. Charges apply to the professional Lecture Capture service.

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  • Faculty

  • Staff

  • Students

  • Alumni

Requesting Service

Please use the Media Request Form to request lecture capture services.

Help for Service

For help with our self-service option, please contact the IMT Support Center at support@apu.edu, or at x5050.

Customer Responsibilities

For our self-service option, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the recording of the lecture.

For our professional services, please submit request at least 2 weeks or earlier to ensure service. Fulfillment will be based on availability of equipment and staffing.