Event Production

Description of Service

Event Production provides all lighting, sound, and video needs for academic and non-academic events on campus, including weekly chapel services. We also provide support for off-campus groups using our facilities. Ranging from small sound systems and lights for a special speaker to lights, sound, rigging, and media for a large concert. We can also help you plan/produce your events from blue sky to project closeout.

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  • Faculty

  • Staff

  • Students

  • Prospective Students

  • Alumni

  • Guests

Requesting Service

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Customer Responsibilities

- In order to support your request, IMT Media Services requires that all media requests are submitted via the Media Request Form. The submission deadlines, which are based on standard business hours, are dependent upon the type of event you are requesting as follows:

- Classroom & Administration Events - 4 hour minimum

- Small Events - 2 week minimum

- Large Events - 2 week minimum

- Video Production - 2 week minimum

- Submission deadlines include a complete and accurate list of needs for you event

i.e. 'Band' selected - all information for band needs (input list, specific equipment needed) must be given to IMT by the above deadlines

- Submission of your media request does not guarantee that your request will be fulfilled to its entirety, or at all. This is due to processing time, equipment availability, and staffing needs.

- Regardless of when media requests are submitted via the form, requests are only processed during business hours.

- Media Services will contact you regarding clarification of your request and/or with confirmation of your request within 2 business days.

For questions regarding this process, please contact the IMT Support Desk at ext. 5050 or support@apu.edu.

Service Level Agreement

IMT Media Services is dedicated to providing excellent customer service through the support of all your media needs. The primary goal of Media Services is to serve the academic interests of the University, while also supporting non-academic projects when they do not conflict with the academic needs.

1. Classroom & Administrative Events

- Equipment to serve class sessions

- Equipment to serve basic administrative needs

2. Small Events

- Portable equipment that can be delivered, used, and operated by the customer for small scale events

- Educational = events that contribute to the academic goals of the University

- Non-Educational = events that contribute to campus life and/or are for entertainment purposes *

3. Large Events**

- Professionally staffed support providing in-house and/or external equipment and labor. for any of the following type of events: ***

- Concerts

- Corporate meetings

- Conventions/ conferences

- Athletic competitions

- Broadcasts

4. Video Production

- Assistance and planning regarding audio, video, graphics, and engineering needs.

- Staff support

- Provide in-house and/or external equipment ***

* Charges apply for the distribution and support of equipment for Non-Educational events

** Charges will apply.

*** External equipment - additional charges may apply