Checkout Equipment

We are pleased to offer a number of media solutions for checkout via our IMT Support Center.

Checkout FAQ

What do I do first? Please take a look AT THIS LINK to see our current offerings.

How do I reserve equipment? To book equipment, either walk into the IMT Support Center or create a reservation by submitting a MEDIA REQUEST FORM.

How does it work? You will pick up your equipment from the IMT Support Desk and bring it back after your event.

What equipment/services are available? Laptops, sound systems, projectors, recording equipment, web cams, and more!

What is the equipment typically used for? Club & Org. Events, Off Campus/Weekend Events, RezLife Events

What are the costs? Checkouts are available for free to the APU community as long as you return all equipment on time and undamaged.

Should I checkout equipment or request Media Services to support my event?

requesting service

Request equipment here