Google Drive


APU uses Google Drive as the preferred cloud storage for your data. Drive allows you to store anything: music, photos, videos, documents, pdfs, and so much more!

Features include:

How to access Google Drive

There are several ways to access to Google Drive

  1. From your Gmail browser tab, click on the Application Launcher found at the top right corner of the page, then select the Drive application icon.

  2. From your browser navigate to:

Learn More about Google Drive

Google Drive info

Google Drive Learning Center

Google Drive use cases

  • Create organized folders which you can then share and give editing privileges to other people. Create folders for classes, work groups, etc, and give access to specific people you would like to share it with.

  • Store individual files which can then be shared with other people in order to protect who can use each file.

  • Can create folders or files and give view access or full edit access.

Service Notes

Sharing is an important aspect of Google Drive. It is important to understand how Sharing works:

    • You can share files and folders.

    • When you share a folder all files inside the folder are shared.

    • With sharing you can allow others to view, comment, or edit the documents.

    • Different people can have different access.

    • Every file in Google Drive has a unique URL that can be shared.

    • Unless you configure “Offline” Access you will need an internet connection to access your Google Drive files.