Network Drives

Description of Service

Network Drives: All university employees receive a personal network drive, often referred to as the “L Drive.” This drive, which can be accessed by Windows based or Mac computers, may be used to store work related files. These files are backed up nightly and are available from any computer on the APU Network. Regular full-time employees also receive access to their department or group drive, often referred to as the “M drive”. This drive is visible to employees within that department and group only; it is also backed up nightly and available from any Windows based or Mac computer on the APU network.

In certain situations additional network drives may exist.


  • Faculty

  • Staff

Requesting Service

Network Drive permission is created upon notification from Human Resources of employment for regular employees. Temp employees may not be granted access to network drives by default. Supervisors may request access by contacting the IMT Support Center.

Help for Service

Contact the Support Center by submitting a new request online

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