New Computer Request

Description of Service

The university provides computer equipment for full-time employees and in some circumstances temporary and student employees. The following are the basic guidelines for new computer requests. Please contact the IMT Support Desk with specific questions.

Regular full time employees, both new and replacement positions, will receive a computer upon verification from Human Resources and once a computer request form has been filled out by the requesting department. Full time faculty qualify for a laptop computer, but may select a desktop if they choose. Unless the position has already been approved for a laptop, requests for a laptop for a staff position must be approved by IMT.

Full Time Temporary employees - a desktop computer is provided subject to availability. At the end of their employment, the computer will be picked up by IMT.

Student Computers are based on 40 hours of combined student worker time per computer, there are limited quantities available each fiscal year.

If a department has received a grant they may purchase a new computer. These purchases must be approved by the Chief Information Officer and are not eligible for the IMT refresh process.

If approved by IMT a department may purchase additional computers with department funds for the cost of $6,000 each and these machines will not be part of the IMT refresh process.


  • Faculty

  • Staff

Requesting Service

Please visit the IMT Forms section to select the current New Computer Request Form for a new computer, a desktop to laptop request, or a multi-user computer request.

Customer Responsibilities

Complete and submit the appropriate form to the IMT Support Desk at least 5 working days prior to an employee's start date.

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