Solstice Wireless Display

Description of Service

Solstice is a wireless display technology. It allows users to connect, share and control content using laptops and mobile devices, improving classroom efficiency, engagement, and productivity.

Helpful Links

User Guides

Solstice Training Videos

Help for Service

If you experience any difficulty connecting to Solstice in an on-campus classroom or conference room, please reference the guides linked above. If the issue persists, please reach out to the IMT Support Center at or (email), or by calling x5050.

Customer Responsibilities

Please allow yourself sufficient time to become familiar with Solstice prior to its time-sensitive usage; initial set-up for Solstice takes more time than any subsequent usage.

Service Level Agreement

In order to best support the educational goals of the University and to provide our partners around campus with convenient technologies, we seek to have all Solstice devices on campus operating at their full capacity. However, as Solstice and its servers are third-party vendor, high-level Solstice issues may take additional time to resolve.