Accounts Name Changes


When a member of the APU Community changes his/her legal name, the University's system of record, PeopleSoft, must also be updated.

Requesting Service

Faculty and staff: Provide the necessary documentation for the name change to the Human Resources. The Human Resources department will processes the change. Depending on the nature of a name change, it may be necessary to have additional systems updated. Contact The IMT Support Center at or (626) 815-5050.

Students: Provide the necessary documentation for the name change to the appropriate university Registrar’s office. Once the Registrar’s office has updated your student record you may submit a ticket to the IMT Support Desk.

Help for Service

Faculty and Staff: APU's Human Resources website provides a form, to be completed by the employee, to officially change your name.

Students: Please contact the appropriate Registrar’s office to determine the necessary documentation and process to update your information. Once the update has been completed please feel free to contact the Support Desk to have you APU NetID and email address updated.


  • Faculty*

  • Staff

  • Students

*This would include Faculty Emeritus

Customer Responsibilities

The customer must supply the necessary documentation to the appropriate University office. Once the PeopleSoft system has been updated, the customer may submit a request to Support for additional changes.

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